Kaleidescope inspired lockets

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Kaleidescope lockets, partially finished.

I’ve always been mesmerized by the images seen through kaleidescopes. Endless combinations of the most spectacular, organic arrangement of color and form.

Locket chains - empty settings will be filled with several corresponding colors of vintage glass and crystals.

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Pixie’s doggie diapies

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This weekend I made some more super cute diapies for our little Pixie-pie – Pixie is the newest addition to the family, a blind,14 year old, mini poodle that we adopted 6 months ago from NSPCA . She had been relentlessly used and heartlessly neglected by a  typical low-life breeder. After they were no longer able to profit from her little body, she was given away to an elderly couple who, due to potty accidents, took her in to NSPCA to be euthanized. You can read Pixie’s story here.

Pixie stretching, usually followed by a quick jump straight up in the air (to make herself seem bigger) while unleashing a booming "woof!" that could rival a dog 4 times her size.

Pixie sleeping with her long legs extended like a little colt.

These doggie diapers are a frilled out, super diva version of the cute little diapers our Bichon Frise, Maggie (also a shelter dog-please make adoption your first choice), has worn. Pixie is unable to wear Fundies due to leakage out the sides, so after picking out some cute fabrics/trims, I revamped the pattern, did a slight gathering stitch around the leg openings, lathered on the bows and ruffles, and now they fit perfectly, do not leak and look freaking adorable on her.

Pixie drinking water from her pink polka dot bowl. Though she is completely blind, she can find the doggie's water bowl in any room of the house, with no problem at all.

Pixie, just as her feet touch ground, completing her mid-air bark-a-thon. After an initial adjustment period, blind dogs can live a perfectly normal and happy life. All they need is for you give them a chance.

Who’d have thought that my (under) three painful months at fashion school would have paid off this well…ah…actually I jest, not sure if they even deserve credit for dog diaper design …all I can remember from that brilliant exercise in time/money wasting, is receiving a D on a project that I had completed, without error, due to the fact that I’d neglected to print my name (like a 5 yr old) on each and every pattern piece . Being the crazy slacker that I am, I signed only the top piece, assuming that my professor possessed sufficient deductive reasoning skills to readily determine all pieces (connected together by a string hanger, btw) belonged to me. I was wrong….very wrong.

Lack of diploma from the University of Ridiculous B.S. notwithstanding, check out the latest designs in Pixie’s incontinent fashion lookbook:

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Cheap chic – Japanese Michiyuki

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An artist friend of my brother’s is a life long admirer of Japanese art and textiles as well as being quite a collector himself. He enjoys sharing his passion for this ancient art form and generously sent over a box of exquisite Japanese silk kimonos. This type of kimono is actually called a michiyuki, the jacket that is to be worn over the kimono. The mitchiyuki opens at the front, has a square neck and comes in varying lengths. The shorter length makes a uniquely cool, laid back yet elegant little dress.

Elegant simplicity

Note the hand stitching

There are many vintage kimonos available on ebay, some for as little as $20.00 – use search term michiyuki for this particular style. They are beautifully made,heavy silk and fully lined in silk so they do not cling and have a gorgeous rich drape to them. Many of the colors and patterns are spectacular. I’ve since become a huge fan and begun a collection of my own. Happy cheap chic shopping!

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